Boyhood, mine

I was once a lad, fair of hair and knobby of knee. A melange of scabs and scrapes. Of course, we would have heaped scorn on any kid who wore a helmet while riding his bike.

What are you? A wimp?

Yet we spooned extra sugar on our cornflakes like common momma’s boys. Then someone invented Cap’n Crunch. Our moms buckled under our plaints, buying us as much of the hyper-sugary cereal as we could pour down our cereal holes, against their better judgment, because they loved us so. Boys will be boys! So fortified with “10 essential vitamins and minerals,” I went from misadventure to misadventure, egged on by my impulses, learning the hard way.

This blog is where I recount those tales of my youth, thereby fulfilling the requirements of my probation to be a cautionary example to all humans who wander blindly within my proximity. Enjoy!

Have you laughed yet—or at least smiled?

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